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About us

Sad Sam & Honey®, the adorable Sad-eyed pups, were created in 1980 and are known for their innocent expression and sweet, child-like proportions.

Sad Sam & Honey® are an international success, recognized and loved on five continents and have been featured on hundreds of products worldwide.

Over 35 Years of Success!

The Re-Branding of Sad Sam & Honey® is underway!! Celebrating over 35 years of worldwide success, these endearing characters are hitting the marketplace with a new energy and contemporary flair!

NEW website has interactive fun and a store with all-new merchandise featuring everyone’s favorite pups.

NEW social media sites to follow and be in-the-know about the latest about Sad Sam & Honey®

NEW plush toy partnership with Aurora World and an aggressive strategic licensing program targeting all categories of consumer products worldwide.

NEW storylines and animation planned, featuring Sad Sam & Honey® and a whole cast of animal friends including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, bunnies and more, set in a no-kill animal sanctuary.

NEW market position as "SpokesPups" for shelter animals and the "No-Kill" initiative.